Hi! I'm Michael Portone, Owner of Endless Supply. Sneakers have always held a special place in my heart. There's nothing quite like the excitement of slipping into a fresh pair of new kicks—the anticipation building as you try them on in-store, bring them home, unbox them, and catch that unmistakable scent of new leather. It's a rush - a revitalizing experience that captivated me from a young age and grew into an all-consuming passion by the time I turned 14.

In 2012, everything changed when Kanye West unveiled his second collaboration with Nike, the legendary Air Yeezy 2. It was a release that sent shockwaves through the sneaker community, and I was determined to secure a pair at any cost. Despite my best efforts, I missed out—an all-too-familiar feeling among dedicated sneaker enthusiasts: defeat.

Yet, from that disappointment, I discovered a new perspective. Beyond mere collecting, I recognized the resale market as an opportunity. Driven by both my love for sneakers and an entrepreneurial spirit, I began to navigate this landscape, leveraging insights and seizing every chance to succeed.

Now, more than a decade later, here we are! My sneaker journey led me to establish Endless Supply in May 2016—a testament to turning passion into profession. Today, Endless Supply specializes in the most rare and coveted shoes, clothing, and accessories from all over the world! With two store fronts in Chicago, IL and a rapidly growing customer base, Endless stands as your ultimate destination for all things hype.

Join us at Endless Supply, where the pursuit of passion meets the thrill of success.


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