About Me

About Me

24th Jun 2020

Sneakers were my first true love. The feeling of new shoes is unique and stimulating. Trying them on in-store, taking them home, opening the box, and getting that waft of leather that only new shoes have... You race to immediately put them on and head out for the day; its a refreshing feeling, like a haircut. I became addicted. My hobby of collecting shoes quickly became an obsession at the age of 13.

Around the same time in 2012, Kanye West announced his 2nd official sneaker with Nike known as the Air Yeezy 2. This release would change everything for me. Being the most hyped release we had ever seen at the time; I did everything in my power to get them. Racing for any chance to snag a pair at retail price. I missed out and soon a feeling we all know as sneakerheads came over me. Defeat. 

Heartbroken, but not ready to give up, I realized there was more to this "game". A resell market was quickly developing. My passion is shoes, but I am driven by success. I noticed small margins and began to take advantage. This business has given me the opportunity to turn my passion into a living. 

Almost 10 years of sell sneakers later here we are! I created Endless Supply in May 2016 and haven't looked back since.

With access to all of today's most exclusive items, Endless Supply will continue to be your one-stop-shop for any hype needs!